Contributors to the University of the Visayas Journal of Research must prepare the publishable article in accordance with these parameters. These are designed to standardize the process of preparing the journal for publication. Failure to keep on with this reference may culminate in the rejection of the article for publication.

The UVJOR is a multidisciplinary research journal that accommodates:

  •  Natural Sciences
  •  Engineering and Technology
  •  Medical Sciences
  •  Social Sciences
  •  Humanities
  •  Education
  •  Criminal Justice and Law
  •  Maritime
  •  Arts & Culture
  •  Computer Technology
  •  Communication
  •  Health & Allied Sciences
  •  Business & Economics
  •  Management
  •  Psychology
  •  Mathematics

This multidisciplinary research journal caters:

  •  Empirical articles
  •  Theoretical articles
  •  Review articles
  •  Methodologic articles
  •  Philosophical articles
  •  Creative work

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  • Schedule. The University of the Visayas Journal of Research is published in print annually. By 2019, UVJOR shall publish bianually. Issue 1 shall be scheduled in the last week of August and issue 2 shall be scheduled in the last week of December. There shall be at least 10 papers per issue excluding the entries in the Editorial Section.
  • Circulation. UVJOR is available in printed copy. The dissemination of the journal will be in the form of subscription for public and private institutions and agencies. A complimentary copy will be given to the primary authors, and in-press copies to the coauthors.