Family and caregiving values

Factors influencing career choice of Filipino nursing students

Keywords: career choice, caregiving value, family, Filipino nursing students


While career choices are personal, it is also influenced by factors leading to a careful decision making process. These factors affecting a student’s decision of taking up nursing may provide insights on the issue of declining nursing student numbers. The aim of this research is to explore the factors influencing first year nursing students’ decision of pursuing nursing as a career choice. The study utilised a descriptive qualitative design using written accounts of first year nursing students regarding the factors influencing their decision to study nursing. The study revealed two emerging themes: (1) future for the family; and (2) caregiving experience. The theme future of the family indicated the personal and economic gains of pursuing a career in nursing and the brighter future it brings with it. The second theme caregiving experience highlighted the significance of Filipino nursing students’ experience of being a caregiver for their family and relatives, wherein it is viewed that if they have prior knowledge they can do better.  Filipino nursing students’ career choice for nursing is influenced by Filipino values of family ties and genuine passion developed out of personal caregiving experience.


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