Greetings and welcome to the 11th edition of UV-JOR for 2017.

The goalmouths of cultivating research skills and competency, along with, evolving the research culture in the University of the Visayas, continuously move the Center for Research and Development of the university to support elucidate the faculty researchers’ aspiration of having each research articles put into publication.

Throughout the years, advancement in academia has confronted social and economic progression that have affected the design and measurement of, and ways to deal with the quadfocal function of higher education institutions: education, research, product development and extension. As we move into another period of fast change, there is a need to ideally take an interest in the transformation through the creation and distribution of produced information that is crucial to the scholastic engagements in the learning-based global economy.  

As a concrete action to promote the research culture in the university, this volume hosts researches that are internally produced, together with contributions from different higher education institutions. There are five health and health-related, one environmental, two engineering, four education, two business and management, and one social science researches. As an exhibition of the center’s promise, this publication serves as an evidence of dynamism and an action of seriousness in safeguarding the hegemony of research in trailing academic responsibilities en route to excellence.

Let us continuously appreciate learning thru research. Enjoy reading.

Published: 2017-12-29

Information and Communication Technology, and Engineering

Environmental Science